Great Seasonal Offer from Tourmedical

FREE Accomodation with your Treatment at Tourmedical

You may already know about the high-quality dental treatment service you receive at Tourmedical and the financial advantage compared to your own country. But you may be surprised how easy it is to travel to Kusadasi and get the dental treatment you have always wanted.

On top of that, Tourmedical has a great seasonal offer you have to know about, before planning your dental treatment. Above a treatment of € 3000, Tourmedical offers you the accommodation for free, during 6 nights, during the period of 30 October – 31 March.

What do you need to do to profit from our offer? It’s very easy.

First, go to our website, to find the information about us, about our treatments, about Kusadasi, about the costs for your specific treatment and many more.

Then click the“get a free quote”   button and fill in the form.

Or even easier: call us. In all cases we will react at least within the same day, or even immediately. After inquiring about the treatment that you want, we discuss the details with our team of dentists. Within a very short timeframe, we get back to you with the best offer we can, combined with a detailed and personalized treatment plan for your dental problem.

After that, the journey to your new and beautiful smile can start……and we assist you at every step, if you want us to.

We can help to book the best and cheapest flight

We can book a stay in one of the beautiful, clean and comfortable Kusadasi hotels
(on our costs for 6 nights, above a treatment of €3000, during the period of 30 October – 31 March).

We will collect you from the airport in Izmir.

We will collect you before every appointment with the dentist and bring you back to your hotel afterwards.

Before and during the treatment you receive all the information and support that you need, in your own language, from your personal assistant assigned to you during your treatment and the dentist. You never have to feel insecure what to expect.

After the treatment we bring you back to the airport.

We stay available for every kind of information or questions when you’re back home.

You’re only one phone call +90 539 412 85 00 or email 

away from your dental treatment in Kusadasi. Please ask about the Tourmedical seasonal offer.