Have A White Christmas in Kusadasi

The white Christmas at home is a time of reflection, looking back and looking forward. With the busy schedules of work and other responsibilities, it’s often hard to make time for yourself, and your own wishes. We are busy getting presents for others, and caring for the needs of others. Which is a great human treat, to be able to give. Giving is a good thing. As is receiving. We challenge you to stay still for a moment and reflect on your own wish list this Christmas. What would you give yourself as a present?

At Tourmedical we daily meet patients who have waited for years to give themselves the present of a nice smile. Years of neglecting their own teeth and spending money for others and other things but themselves. The big regret we hear is ‘ I should have done this earlier’.

We have a full equipped clinic during all seasons of the year. And Kusadasi is a touristic location with all kinds of activities going on, also during wintertime. Life still takes place outside, you can see people having breakfast on the terraces with a beautiful view on the sea, mountains and sailing and fishing boats.

So why wait? Give yourself this year a white Christmas, and let it be the white teeth and smile you’ve always wanted…

Happy holidays everyone!