Tour Medical on Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist acts not only as a dental God who will transform your teeth but also a cosmetologist that will make your whole face appear different. This is the difference between a normal denitst and a Cosmetic Dentist. The Cosmetic Dentist has the trained eyes and experience to get everything 100% aesthetically perfect. Many people think they know what they want done or which celebrity they would like to resemble but everyone is different and unique in their own way, so all facial features of every individual must be taken into consideration.

At Tour Medical we will listen to what you want and your expected results and work with you to gain the best result possible. We take all your facial features into account. What this means is that we design a smile with you that will suit the your smile and the contours on your face. Why do we do this? Well if someone wanted larger longer teeth but had a small smile line, the end result would not look so attractive or appealing. Every patient has a checking day where he/she will see their teeth and on this day if the Cosmetic Dentist and the patient is not 100% happy, then the labatory work again on the changes to get it perfect.

Here is what we look for as part of your smile design.

Horizontal Alignment - This is when the smile horizontal teeth of the same type are at the same height. This alignment is then matched to the alignment of the eyes.

Symmetry: This is when the smile is centered around the centre of the face. Symmetry is of utmost importance for an aesthetically pleasing smile. When is not possible, the illusion symmetry can be created.

Smile line: This is when the edge of the top teeth arc matches the curve of the bottom teeth and lip. 

Gum line: This is where the gum meets the tooth. Ideally, there is a resoable amount of gum to be seen with maximum tooth exposure when smiling. If someone has a lot of gum exposure when smiling or speaking we can minimise the gum with a simple denture procedure. 

Smile width: This is when the width of the smile is considered. An ideal smile will show the progression of the front teeth to the back.


Embrasures are the little triangular spaces between the tips of teeth. Embrasure spaces should be smallest between the two front teeth and get gradually larger further back.

At Tour Medical we ensure that you get all the information you need to fully understand your treatment and your goal. We like to take our time with each patient to fully understand their wants and needs, worries and anxieties about their treatment. So we give each patient a full free cosmetic consultation that includes x-rays and we will even pick you up for each arranged appointment. 

Tour Medical is the leading cosmetic dentist in Turkey, we are trusted, reliable and offer the best results each time. If you or someone you know is considering cosmetic dentistry, then you have come to the right place. Just read some of our patient reviews to see for yourself.