Breast Lift


Anesthesia : General
Operation Time : 2-3 Hours
After Operation Recovery Time : 7-10 Days
Hospital Stay : 2 Nights
Healing Time : 4-6 Weeks
Return To Work Time : After A Week
Hotel Acommodation : 7-10 Days

What is Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is done depends on the size of your breasts and how you wish to look afterwards. Usually, your surgeon will re-shape your breasts by removing extra skin from underneath them. They tighten the skin and surrounding tissue, and move your nipple to a higher position. A breast enlargement or breast reduction procedure can be done at the same time if you also want to change the size of your breasts. These are more complex operations that require a detailed discussion between you and your surgeon about the risks and potential outcomes.

What are the procedures and steps of Breast Lift?

Breast Lift surgery is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic (so you would be asleep) or a regional anaesthetic (where the whole area is numbed with injections). The operation usually takes about 90 minutes. You might be given antibiotics to keep the wound clean. Also, you may have drainage tubes in the breast to drain away any fluid or blood. These tubes will be taken out when the fluid or blood has stopped draining, usually before you go home. You might go home the same day, or stay in hospital overnight. If you do go home on the same day, a responsible adult should stay with you for the night. Your chest will feel tight and your breasts and the ribs below your breasts will be sore. Simple painkillers should be enough to keep you comfortable.


You will need to wear a well-fitting bra with no underwiring for a few weeks after the operation.

Recovery of Breast Lift

You will be out of bed on the same day as your surgery, and doing light activities after two weeks. You should be back to normal exercise in six weeks. Most patients take at least two weeks off work after the operation, depending on their job. Your breasts will be sore and swollen for a few weeks after the operation. Do not lift heavy things for several weeks, and avoid sex for at least two weeks. With all activities, start gently. Do not drive until you feel safe and are comfortable wearing a seatbelt. Check your insurance documents if you are not sure.


At first your breasts may seem too high and the skin too tight. It can take several months for the swelling to settle, and many months for the final result to appear. Most patients are pleased with the final result, but some find their new shape difficult to get used to. This may happen to you. You may have more or less sensation in your nipple, and this can change over time. Over time you may notice that, although your bra size does not usually change, you may need to buy bras of a different cup size or shape.

Your aftercare

To protect your body, and get the best result, look after yourself.

  • Avoid vigorous activities after your operation.
  • Protect your wounds as you are told to.
  • Putting on weight or being pregnant will affect the results.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and level of exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is a suitable candidate for Breast Uplift surgery?

Ideal candidates seek to address sagging or drooping breasts and achieve a more youthful breast contour, and are in good overall health.

What is the typical duration of the Breast Uplift procedure?

Breast Uplift surgery usually takes around 2 hours.

Are there different techniques for Breast Uplift surgery?

Yes, various techniques may be employed, and your surgeon will discuss the most suitable approach based on your specific needs.

Where are the incisions made, and how noticeable are the resulting scars?

Incisions are strategically placed to minimize visible scarring, and your surgeon will discuss the best option for your case.

What is the recovery process like?

Our esteemed organization serves as a facilitator between patients and  doctors, ensuring a seamless recovery process through comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative care guidance. Our dedicated team works closely with qualified doctors to guarantee optimal outcomes and a smooth transition towards a successful recovery.