What People Look For When Travelling Abroad For Dental Treatment

When travelling abroad for dental treatment the choice of destination is exceptional. But what do you really look for when travelling for your new smile?

There are so many aspects to look at when choosing your clinic abroad, more than the price and sunny location. There are a majority of dental clinics abroad that offer affordable prices and great service. However one of the top things to look for is the quality. The quality of the treatment, the quality of the materials used and the quality of the clinic overall. Having treatment in a modern clinic is a wonderful concept but learn about the dentist, the technology in the clinic and hygiene. While travelling abroad for treatment is saving you money, you are still paying YOUR money so you want to have the best experience, treatment, care and result as possible.

The next thing to look for is the quality of hygiene control. At Tourmedical hygiene is top priority and we abide by the strictest routines and hygiene control. It is in our best interest that hygiene control is kept to maximum so the risk of infection is prevented at all times.

If you would like to learn more about our hygiene control please click here: http://tourmedical.com/en/article/hygiene-sterilisation/og/

Most commonly people do not think about the level of patient care they should receive when travelling abroad. Patient care holds the same importance as the result of a treatment. You want the best result but you should also expect the best patient care during and after your treatment. Unfortunately there are those clinics out there that see foreign patients with dollar signs over their heads’ and promise a quick and affordable treatment. Clinics that advertise extremely low prices often portray this image. You get what you pay for, so if it is low prices and quick treatment is what you want, then expect a low level of patient care. Extremely low prices are usually a red light, as it suggests that either the whole price is not advertised or materials used are low in quality which results in a low quality treatment. While researching your clinics, look into the extra services they offer. Do they offer extra services to help you along with you dental trip?

People tend to listen to their own dentist about a travelling abroad and may be disheartened with what the dentist may put to them. The common reaction of a dentist at home is where they express their concern that if anything went wrong and that it will be more hassle to fix things abroad than at home. This in turn then takes the focus of the patient from a cheaper treatment abroad. What to ask yourself here is, who is your dentist and what are his/her qualifications? Are they a general dentist? Can they offer you cosmetic dentist expertise if this is not their division? Where and who will they refer you for cosmetic consultation and will you need to pay for this consultation? There is no real reason or definite back up answer anyone can give as to not to travel abroad.

At Tourmedical you are guaranteed all the above and more. Having a more than happy patient is credit to us and we want everyone to feel welcome and secure when choosing us as their dental provider. We take pride in going above and beyond to make our patients happy. Our consultation for all procedures is free of charge and price and steps of procedures are given with treatment plans before the patient makes a decision.

Tourmedical has invested in the latest technologies in the dental industry so that we can deliver and guarantee excellence in dental treatments. We invest in the best products of high quality and ensure are prices are kept to a minimum for patient savings. All dental lab work carried out is done in our very own laboratory, our dental technician works along with the dentist to get the exact size, fit and shade in dental fixtures. We have a general and cosmetic dentist, an implantologist and hygienist. Therefore all work can be carried out onsite.... no need for referrals.

We offer extra services, such as free transfers and pickups for each appointment, personal assistance and free consultations. All our staff speak fluent English, Dutch, German and Turkish..

We are based in the popular holiday resort of Kusadasi which has more than 300 sunny days a year, tanning yourself is a great way to relax on beaches and pool-sides during and after your treatment. And with the major choice of bars and restaurants, there is more than enough to do when you are not in the clinic.

Our patient care is better than what you would have at home. We have taken in all the factors from a patients’ point of view and we strive to meet a standard of excellence with each person. Having treatment abroad is not just about having cheaper dental work done, it is about having a job done and a job done right. Why settle for second best when you can easily have the best, after-all you want this treatment to last a life time. Take careful consideration and investment in the right product and clinic. Research your treatment, location and prices. To read some of Tournedical reviews from previous patients see here: http://tourmedical.com/en/reviews/