Why Choose Tour Medical ?

We all know that looking for the necessary qualifications and level of languages spoken is a must to be taken into consideration but what about the extras. Yes the extras that really make that trip a special one.

You should have a idea of what the clinic looks like and the standard of equipment it has. Although it can be easy to get caught up with fancy stuff, really learn what is the newest in the market and look for these.


At Tour Medical we pride ourselves in being the leading dental tourism company in Turkey and here is why.....


Upon making your enquiry we will get back to you directly. We get an understanding of your dental needs. When we have gathered all your information we discuss this with our dentist who will assess all the information you have given and put together a few options for you. We then, relay this information via email, with each step and prices are all included. This way you have an understanding of what to expect during your treatment and what the cost will be, helping you plan your finances in advance. We don’t stop there, if you require help with looking for flights or hotel we are happy to help. We also cover your hotel stay for a week during the ‘off season ‘ period.

Not are we only based in a great location in Turkey we are based in the tourist resort, Kusadasi. There are always cheap flights and great deals on holiday packages offered with the main travel agencies. This means a greater saving on top of what you will already save on your treatment. There are many great bars and hotels to choose from and not to mention the many beaches that surround Kusadasi and because you will not be required in the clinic everyday you get to relax and enjoy the sun.

We have a new state of the art clinic that opened this year. From the beginning we took a patients view in terms of designing it. The location is perfect and looks out over the sea, a great view from the patient chair in all our clinics.

Each Clinic is fitted with the latest technology in dentistry. Everything is designed for patient care and safety. The dental chair units are the latest from a company called Anthos. The unit is smartly designed to minimise contamination risks for both patient and medical staff. All the parts from the dental chair unit can be removed to wash and sterilize individually i.e – hand-pieces, stickers, plastic covers, sink, lamp etc.

All the material used are the best quality available, and this is where you will find the most fair pricing in our treatments. People who advertise at worryingly low prices usually tend to invest in lower quality, so we are happy that we can offer the best material and offer the best treatment with optimum results while saving you up 80% on your treatment.


We abide by the strictest hygiene control standards and our daily routine of hygiene checks throughout the clinic is beyond compare. We provide a therapy room for our patients if they want to rest before or after a treatment.

We offer a free pick up service from the airport and for each appointment and cannarrange daily excursions for days you are not in the clinic at a discounted price.

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At Tour Medical all of our staff are friendly, fully trained, well experienced and fluent in English, Dutch, German and Turkish. We are to assist you in every aspect of your dental trip and provide you with a smooth luxurious dental treatment package.