Treatment With Tour Medical

When someone sends an enquiry weather it be online or phone we call immediately to get directly in contact with them. We try to get an understanding of your dental needs. Some people may choose to send a photo of your teeth or a recent x-ray for us to get a better understanding of your dental situation. We then relay the information on to our specialist where we draw up a one or two treatment plans which we email to you. These treatment plans are broken down in each step and fully explain what is involved in the treatments from what you need urgently to what need at best.

When booking the flights and hotel, we are more than happy to help with this. We can offer information with the best way to fly and the closest hotels in Kusadasi. Most airlines offer a transfer to the hotel but if this is not the case for you our chauffeur will collect you from the airport.

On your first day of arrival, we collect you from the airport and bring you to your hotel, otherwise if you have a transfer provided from the airline we will contact you to welcome you and inform you of your first appointment. We will always collect you from your hotel at each appointment. On your first visit in the clinic, our dentist will carry out a full oral examination and x-rays. The dentist will go over the treatmentplan that was offered to you when you enquired but if your dental has changed or something shows up on our x-ray would sometimes mean a different treatment may be required. Our dentist will discuss options with you and explain each step of the process in detail while answering any questions you may have.

Your representative will organise all your appointments. If you are a new comer to Kusadasi, we like to offer a tour around the town and show you what you what Kusadasi has to offer. Depending on what kind of treatment you are having you may not be required to come back the next day (if waiting on impressions from our lab to return to us). While staying here, most people visit sites and tourist attractions while they are not at the clinic so it is good to take advantage of the small tour.

Although you may not be required to attend the clinic every day, we have regular check in appointments to make sure all is going good with the treatment. We like to ensure that all lab work is going to plan, so we will have short check in appointments to make sure the likes of crowns are dentures fit well and look well. We check that the colour is right for you and the size and fitting match your over-all appearance. These short visits are also a plus for a patient. It keeps the patient informed about the progress and an opportunity to talk about any concerns they may have during the treatment.

It always exciting to see the end result, to see a happy patient. It is a good feeling that we played a big part in changing peoples lives to an extent and every patient is as important as the next and all remain great friends to our staff and clinic.

With Tour Medical you can expect the highest standards that you may get back at home, but you bet on having the best results and optimum service. We will always be there for our patients, weather they choose another clinic and want to return to us or if they want to come back for further treatment.

Why notget in touch today and begin your way to a new and better smile.