Teeth and Your Appearance

If you are a person that is not happy with the appearance of their teeth and would like to change either one thing or get a brand new smile, cosmetic dentistry is your answer. Nowadays cosmetic dentistry is everywhere it is so affordable especially if travelling abroad.

But before we tell you how to get the results and the right dentist, let’s take a look at what happens behind the scenes. 

A cosmetic dentist is not going to just pop teeth in and make you look like a super model, so much has to be taken into consideration, especially with those other magnificent features God has truly blessed you with! 

A cosmetic dentist will of course, firstly listen to what you would like to have done and what your expectations would be. Then it comes to the scientific part, he/she then examines teeth and gums. Also taking into account, face shape, symmetry (where your front teeth should be correctly positioned into the middle of your face), Horizontal alignment(where your teeth are the same length and height). They also check the gumline and of course the smile width.

When all this has been taken into consideration a dentist will give a one or a few option (most cases a few options) to get the smile you want. Depending on all the above factors you may not get that smile that certain celebrity has, but you will get a smile that can you a celebrity!!

Ok so now we know what happens before the treatment but what are these magical procedures that make us smile from ear to ear. In cosmetic dentistry we are mainly talking about, Porcelain / Zirconium crown, Veneers, Bondings, White Fillings, and of course the famous Teeth Whitening. You can learn more about these treatments

There are so many choices out there for cosmetic dentistry,home and abroad. But which one to choose can be confusing. To start, travelling abroad proves the cheapest option all round and if travelling to a hot country, even the better, white teeth and a great tan!!! A holiday resort is a good choice because you will more than likely travel for a week or more and since you will not have an appointment every day, a holiday resort will have a lot to offer each day. 

Research your destination, clinic and dentist. Many have reviews on their websites and try to talk with some of the patients that have been there. Be wary of extremely low prices, remember although its cheaper travelling abroad – value for Money- for example if there are five clinics in the area that you are looking and one is a lot cheaper than the rest this can be a red light, hidden costs may not be included. Finally check out the qualifications and contact before you book and travel is so important. You should be made feel relaxed and comfortable when travelling for dentistry. 

Although we should all be thankful for what we have got a how we look, there is always room for improvement. It does not have to be drastic change but do what make you glow. Get the smile you want to make that first impression count.

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