Are You A Grinder ?

One of the main reasons people grind their teeth is due to stress and /or anxiety. Everyone deals with stress differently but when you are emotionally tense, your body is usually tense as well and most of the time this tension is “stored” in the jaw. Sometimes stress can cause teeth grinding while people sleep which makes it a hard habbit to stop. Most times, people aren’t aware that they are grinding their teeth. Dentists, therefore prescribe a mouth guard to be worn over night to help stop the wear and tear of teeth that grinding causes.

People who suffer with teeth grinding find the following symptoms that accompany it.

  1. Dull head aches

  2. Jaw soreness

  3. Stiffness of the jaw

  4. Teeth that are painful or loose

  5. Fractured teeth

  6. Poor posture

If you are grinding your teeth due to stress , it is important aswell to find the cause of your stress.

Untreated teeth grinding can lead to a dental condition known as TMJ, or temporalmandibular joint pain. This causes achiness or tightness in the jaw and also brings about teeth grinding. TMJ has many causes, including arthritis, bad posture or overworking the muscles during physical labor or exercise. All of these, then, can also be indirect causes of teeth grinding.

If you do suffer with TMJ, your dentist can refer you to a specialist who has experience curing this issue. If this is the situation, ridding yourself of TMJ will almost certainly also treat your teeth grinding. TMJ is a dilemma, which has been receiving increased awareness lately and health professionals are recognizing more operative strategies for treating it.

Not only can teeth grinding be a problem for you and it can also affect the people close to you. Many people find the noise of teeth grinding very irritable or uncomfortable and without undertanding it, it can put stress on relation causing further stress. We strongly suggest you speak to your dentist about an approach to someone who can help with stress managment.

Sometimes teeth grinding is caused by worms like intestinal parasites and pin worms. Although this is more common in countries where there isn’t a lot of good drinking water but it can also happen elsewhere. If you suspect that this could be the cause there are medical tests that can determine if this is a problem.