Price and Quality of Zirconium Crowns

Did you ever wonder why dentists are not concerned to work with zirconium, when it’s a known fact that it contains radioactivity? And why it is possible that some dentists in foreign countries (also in Turkey) can offer zirconium crowns for almost ridiculously low prices?  And if it may be dangerous, why use zirconium at all?

Starting with the question why dentists use zirconium: it is because zirconium is highly resistant to corrosion and superior to other materials, because it has a higher level of biocompatibility and superior aesthetic value for patients. It is ideal for those with metal allergies. Zirconium is a very durable material with less risk of breakage. It is also capable of holding up to the extreme changes in temperature found in the human mouth. But do we need to worry about the radioactivity levels or zirconium? Not necessarily. Every element in nature has some measure of radioactivity, even water, milk, meat or fruit. It is not a question of radioactivity as such, but certain levels of it that makes it dangerous for our bodies. Zirconium may contain a certain amount of radioactivity. And high levels of radioactivity from the crowns may lead to oral or other cancers over time. How can you know that there are no dangerous levels of radioactivity put in your body, together with the zirconium crowns?

Consider this comparison: if you go out to eat at a steak restaurant, and you know that a kg of meat is for instance €20, and your steak is offered for just €5 you start to think how it is possible that they can offer this price. There must be something wrong with your steak, right? The same goes for the zirconium crowns: if the cost price alone is say €200, how can it be that a dentist offers zirconium crowns just for €80?! There must be something wrong with the zirconium….and sorry to say so, but usually there is. Zirconium crowns are produced from a purified form of zirconia material which contains radiation emission. The process of purification of the zirconium is very important. Main reason for the relatively high price for zirconium lies in the fact how well and secure this process is done. For this reason only the purer ores should be used for dental zirconium and all manufacturers are required to produce a declaration of radioactivity for all their zirconium based dental products. If dentists offer you the very cheap zirconium crowns, ( we hope not ) the chances are  that they don’t use the purified zirconium produced for dental use.  They could use zirconium that has been produced for industrial purposes. Which can mean that the zirconium that is being put in your mouth is far less purified and has certainly not the declaration of radioactivity that is required for dental products which basically means it’s dangerous.

Tourmedical only works with zirconium that comes with this declaration. The only reason Tourmedical can offer cheaper treatments than European dentists, is not because we use cheaper material, on the contrary! We work with the best quality that is available in this field. The lower prices we provide are possible because of the lower personnel costs, and overall lower cost of living in Turkey. We never compromise on the quality and the safety of our products. So the next time you see that zirconium is offered for a too-good-to-be-true price, be warned! Ask for the brands like: 3M ESPE, Vita, Ivoclar Vivadent and GC which are some of the best ones and we use them for the blogs and for the layers over the base of the crown. Ask the dentist to tell you about their products and ask them to show the brands they use. Don’t put yourself and your health at risk !