Our Promise

There are dental care providers that have (???) offices in Dublin and the UK and provide dental care abroad. They offer cheap prices abroad and guarantee if something should go wrong that they can return to the clinic at home and will be looked after. What they do not mention is that if the patient needs to be seen by a dentist they will be charged the Irish/UK rates back at home. And if only they return to the clinic abroad they will be charged the lower rate. This can cause a lot of confusion and disappointment for someone who has booked on a trip abroad for dental treatment, simplyon the basis to save money.

Some offer guarantees whereby if something will go wrong upon the patients return home they will pay for the patients’ flight ticket and hotel to return to have the repair done no matter how big or small the job is.Some offer treatments much lower than other. For example, our Zirconium are 250Euro, this is the price we advertise and this is the price we charge. Other clinics advertise the same crown for as low 150 Euro. A good quality Zirconium crown made in Turkey costs more than this.


Financially this does not make sense. Especially where a promise is given that the patient would be returned to the clinic with flights, hotel and treatment provided. Every business wants to make a profit and when adding up the cost of material, flight and clinic expenses there is an obvious loss.So can we believe these advertisements? Not likely! One guarantee that will not be mentioned is that there will be extra costs!!! So when planning a trip abroad, keep an open mind in the low prices and extreme guarantees. 


Here, we take pride in our dentists’ and the work they do and we want nothing more than to stand by it. So if, by the off chance something may happen during or after the treatment we will repair the problem with no extra charge given that circumstances that was other than the patients’ fault.

Where implants are concerned we guarantee we will finish the whole treatment. Although it takes two trips to have a full implant procedure, it makes sense to return to us to have the rest of the treatment carried out. If someone was having a full set of implants, and needed 28 crowns placed, it would be more affordable to return to have the crowns placed rather than at home. As well as this the dentist can assess his own work and if there was anything else needed you are covered and not charged for extra work. You are also guaranteed the same dentist and availability and aftercare.

We give the promise to all our customers that we will stand by our dentists’, staff and workto ensure the best treatment and we put our patients’ first. At Tour Medical we are 100% behind our guarantees because we know the quality of the materials and technology we use are the best in dentistry. Why not get a free quote a realistic dental plan with realistic prices. Follow the link and we will get back to you right away.