Pain After Treatment?

If a patient had a crown, veneer or a filling placed and within a short time frame it broke then the dentist is obliged to replace it. But what does it mean if a patient begins to experience pain a month or two after a treatment had been placed? Well a month or two is a long time after a treatment to experience pain. This does not mean that it is a fault of the dentist or something that had been over seen at a previous visit.


A good example of this is where a crown is placed. A crown is usually placed when a tooth cannot support a filling or for cosmetically to improve a smile. Sometimes a tooth can be in damaged state that where a root canal may be needed in the future. When this happens a dentist will discuss with a patient the situation, option and possible result. The option being that the root canal treatment can be carried out if it looks like it will not heal and then place the crown. Dentists usually like to save a tooth try not to do a root canal and hope that the tooth will get better itself after the crown has been placed. Most of the time a tooth will heal but there is that “less” chance that it will lead to a root canal. While it is normal to experience pain after a crown placement, the pain of an endodontic problem is different. If this happen pain would start anywhere from 3 week onwards.

Treating this type of complaint is not a problem at all but most likely would not be considered as part of the previous treatment. It is treated differently not only because of the time frame but also if it is a different dental category ie endodontics. 

Always remember to go through everything with your dentist and ask as many questions as possible.


Dentists are there to listen and help and only want to make the best of your dental situation but as mentioned before all have different policies so best to know everything from the moment you enter the clinic. If you like to talk to us and learn more about our clinic ad how we work, please click on the following link to get a direct call back.