Critical Success Factors For Implants

When we look to the history of dental implants we find that it’s a relatively new procedure. About just a few decades ago, this treatment was not even part of the curriculum for dentistry students. But with the development of cosmetic dentistry, the growing knowledge and the technical possibilities, it has become one of the most wanted treatments in the dental treatments

The procedure of implants requires a skilled and specialized surgeon and dentist. The knowledge that is needed covers several fields of expertise:

  • Surgical skills and expertise
  • Mechanical / technical skills
  • Application of biostatic knowledge
  • Functionality and aesthetics of the implants.

The technology of implants may be relatively new, but it’s a widely performed procedure in Turkey. Our surgeons in our Clinic has performed over 10.000 implants over the years and on average they perform 500-700 implant treatments a year. Because of this we have been able to develop a great expertise on this subject.


So, what are some of the critical success factors for implants?

  • Skilled surgeon: it is a delicate procedure and it takes a skilled surgeon with expertise to be able to perform each step with accuracy. It takes years of study and experience to be able to perform an implant treatment.

  • As painless a procedure as possible and as little swelling as possible. This requires again a capable surgeon who can perform the procedure in a short timeframe.

  • Sterilization: this seems a quite obvious criterion but is very important none the less.
  • The right anesthetics: the choice for the active medication is crucial. By doing so we can control the depth of the sedation and make it as comfortable for the patient as possible.


It goes without saying that not just the surgeon is of importance during the procedure. At Tourmedical we believe that the whole system is as strong as each person’s activity and role in the process. This is why we have (written) procedures from the start till the end of each treatment, so everyone involved knows exactly what to do, starting from the receptionist, the assistant and of course the surgeon and the dentist.

This is our part of the picture. As important is the role of the patient. We can’t stress enough the importance of oral hygiene and oral habits. But we also have to pay attention to the patients general health and bone condition.

As we mentioned in other blogs, the co-operation between the team of Tourmedical with the patient is essential for the best result.