Choosing The Best Dental Clinic

The three highest ranked criteria by patients were:

1. explanation of procedures

2. sterilization/hygiene

3. dentist's skills (all criteria proposed from patients)


The three lowest ranked criteria were:

1. up-to-date equipment

2. pleasant decor and surroundings

3. good practice image (all criteria proposed from dentists)

As we can see the patients and dentists proposed different criteria and the ranking shows that patients value the issues connected to the treatment itself more. At Tourmedical we value the same criteria as the patients do: our high standards of hygiene, the quality of skills and specializations of our dentists, and their communication skills are the main characteristics of our clinic. Tourmedical started in 2005 and our history of 10 years has delivered us very valuable feedback from our patients. Our patients have characterized our service as “high quality dental treatment for a reasonable price”.

Knowing the above, combined with our experience, we advise you to check the following criteria, when choosing a clinic (at home or abroad):

• expertise, specialization and the skills of the dentists

• price – quality rate

• clearness and transparency of communication (on the website, on the phone)

• the hygiene and quality certification/standards

• a realistic treatment plan beforehand, with an estimate of the costs, composed for your individual situation

• location (the clinic itself, but also the city where it’s located; the latter is especially of importance when choosing a dental treatment and a holiday combined, in other words ‘dental tourism’.

• the extra services provided, like pick up service from and to the airport, personal assistance in your language etc.

• also read the patient evaluation forms on the website; the results of a clinic in the past, are a predictor for the future…

Choose the dental clinic that most fits your demand; the dentl clinic on the corner may be close by, but may not be the answer to your problems. And you may have to go for a treatment several (short) times to achieve a result. The treatment is usually very high in costs, especially with cosmetic dentistry. 

And a clinic abroad, where the dentists are highly qualified and specialized in your specific dental problem, you may need to visit just one week, maybe two times with much lower costs and better results. So choose wisely..