How can I trust you?


Testimonials from former clients about the service. ?The appreciation of clients of the dentist demonstrate the quality of the treatment. They can tell from their own experience how they rate the quality. An informative website can explain much but the words of clients tell more.

 Is the information on website clear and are the contact details easy to find? ?When you search on the internet for information, especially the case with medical tourism, you search for prove that behind that online website there is a real practice with real people. Contact them by phone and ensure that if you have a question about a product or a problem, there are real people to inform you. Ask if they can show images of the practice. Tourmedical has a video about the practice and treatment so you can see how it works.

Are their products a solution for my problem? ?Check by phone or e-mail whether the dental practice abroad really has the solution and whether they’re genuinely interested in your specific problem. Using these tips you can trust that you can make a good choice. And be sure that you also fill in the comment form after the treatment so that you can help others. You can help to build up trust and help others to see the difference between good and bad quality. But the thing is, trust is a two-way thing.

The dentist also needs to be able to trust you to follow up the given instructions and take good care of your new teeth.