Coping with the Fear of the Dentist

Never or seldom going to the dentist naturally has serious consequences. Besides the obvious effects on the oral hygiene, there are big psychological problems as well. Bad teeth make one insecure. The first thing others look at when making contact is the face. The attention quickly goes to the mouth and teeth. Bad teeth can lead to physical and psychological complaints, but also easily to total social isolation.

Thus the choice of a dentist is quite important in these cases. When making the choice look for several characteristics :

• Is the dentist open for communication about your fear?

• Are you being well prepared before the treatment and does the dentist take time to explain the treatment?

• Sometimes the fear reduces when you can see what the dentist does, for instance with a mirror.

• What is the vision of the dentist about pain relieve? The present techniques are so much better than say 20-30 years ago. Tourmedical for instance uses the most up to date technology and equipment.

• When the dentist explains step by step what is going to happen, you will feel more in control. This way you are not merely surrendering yourself to the dentist; instead there is teamwork between you both.

• You can decide together with the dentist which sign to use when you want the dentist to pause, like raising your hand. That will give you more control. 

• Try if relaxation and breathing techniques work for you to reduce your fear.

• Distraction helps. A clinic where you can hear music is an advantage. You can concentrate on the music and your attention to the treatment will automatically be less.

• Calm and relaxing colours of the clinic can reduce fear already at the entrance.

• Ask for the experiences of others with the clinic. Read the evaluations on the website.

• Especially if you have chosen a dental treatment abroad you can decide to bring along a good friend or family member for support.

• When it is really necessary the dentist can decide together with you to use sedatives. 


The most important thing is: stop procrastinating when it comes to your .

Your teeth can make you smile.