Dentistry Too Expensive..... NONSENSE

People are now heading to the chemist for pain relief medicines and some try to do their own filling with “do it yourselftemporary products”. Some people leave so long that a simple check up and prescription from a dentist can lead to more serious problems, Root Canal, Extraction and or Gum disease.

An annual check up at the dentist would not only help control dental problem prevention but also monitors oral cancer.

Many people are not happy with t their smiles and need more serious extensive treatment. For example of someone wanted an implant, paid their x-ray and consultation fee and learned they needed a bone graft or sinus lift, more than likely the extra cost of this procedure would lead the patient to not go ahead with treatment or put on the long finger. At tour medical the price given at your free consultation in the price you pay. There will be no “surprises throughout the treatment, that you didn’t expect at the beginning resulting in a more costly bill at the end.

Most people are now looking abroad for treatment and compare to the pricing in Ireland and the UK it is easy to save money travelling abroad, while getting a holiday. In Turkey you would only need a minimum of a week stay for most treatments and go home with a saving.  Dentists abroad offer excellent services and facilities. No matter what you financial state is, you can easily find a treatment plan to fit your budget.

At Tour Medical we can give you a free quote and treatment plan based on the information you give us. You are under no obligation after receiving your plan and then you can compare this plan and price to other clinics. Our prices are fixed and the plan or price will only change if you decide to change your plan or have extra work done. We will even help you book flights and hotel and at certain times during the year we pay your hotel bill for the duration of the treatment. With proven up to 80% savings, travelling abroad is the best option when planning to have dental treatment.

So what can we do to help ourselves keep our teeth and gums healthy?................ Find out your options... Save a little bit of money wherever or whenever you can... don’t buy that chocolate bar, put it in the money box and visit the dentist. If you are planning a holiday within the year, check out dentists in the area and get prices and compare before you travel.

Nothing comes for free anymore, so keep the savings for yourself.