Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body



This is true for heart diseases, but also appears to be true for different types of cancer. Recent research has even shown a link between oral health and kidney disease. Scientists think that bacteria from the oral cavity flow into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, causing inflammation of the arteries, and blockages as a result. In addition to coronary heart disease and kidney disease, periodontitis is suspected to also lead to other inflammatory symptoms such as rheumatoid arthritis or pneumonia. 

At Tourmedical in Kusadasi we see many patients with periodontitis, which has led to loss of teeth, discoloration or swellings of the gum. Lots of complaints begin with periodontitis. It appears that more than 50% of people aged 50 and older, suffer from periodontitis. Usually resulting in loss of teeth. This is what is visible, but unfortunately there are also diseases caused by periodontitis that are less visible, as mentioned above...

What exactly is periodontitis? During the day parts of food, saliva and bacteria accumulate in the mouth. This is called ‘plaque’, and it sticks to the teeth and cavities. If you don’t brush regularly bacteria can stick to the teeth and irritate the gums, which leads to swellings, redness and bleeding. The bacteria make small gaps between the teeth and the gums. In these so-called 'pockets' even more plaque occurs and the infection spreads deeper. 

This means good oral hygiene and healthy teeth are vital for a healthy body. Of course prevention is better than cure. It actually takes little of your time and effort. You can prevent periodontitis easily, and by doing so, lower the risk of getting diseases elsewhere in the body. Brushing properly at least twice a day, using toothpicks and floss, as well as cleaning behind the last tooth.


Don’t underestimate regular dental check-ups (we recommend every six months) and professional teeth cleaning. Contact us at Tourmedical. We can provide you with the necessary treatment to prevent any further dental problems. And who would not want beautiful teeth, a healthier body, combined with a relaxing holiday here in Kusadasi?