Happier With Beautiful Teeth

Why do we feel more happy with beautiful teeth?

We see a beautiful smile and we usually connect that with positive personal traits. The mouth or the face in general is the first location of contact with others. So it is very understandable that everyone wants and enjoys beautiful teeth.

Because of this, people with bad teeth are very aware of that. At Tourmedical we receive many e-mails with people saying they have problems with their teeth, but also feeling socialy isolated because of that. Attractiveness and positive character traits are very much connected to beautiful and healthy (looking) teeth. Research shows that attractiveness, even with children, plays a role in social acceptance and popularity. We see that attractive people sell products in commercials more easily, and for a reason. Abnormalities make us feel more different than others; that we are abnormal. Discolored, crooked or otherwise ugly teeth can make us feel insecure and unattractive.

Many characteristics comprise a person's personality: achievement orientation, interest to be sociable, aggressiveness, need for order, and so on. One of the most important personality characteristics in every person's life is self-esteem, which can be defined in terms of cognitive generalizations derived from past experiences. Since people are not isolated from their environment, a person's experiences impact his or her self-esteem.

A study group of 17 patients, unhappy with their dental appearance, were assessed psychologically at the pre-operative, immediate post-operative and 6?month review stages. Porcelain laminate veneer restorations were used to improve the dental aesthetics for the patients in the study group. A comparison group of 27 subjects, without a dental appearance problem, were also psychologically assessed at comparable intervals. The results showed that highly significant changes in a positive direction were observed in the study group in responses to a Body-Esteem questionnaire at each stage in the procedure. The study shows that aesthetic restorative dental treatment has a highly positive effect on patients' self-esteem.

Feeling unattractive in the face has a big effect on how we feel about our self and our happiness in general. The rest of the body we can somehow cover, but not the face. The psychological effect of aesthetic dental treatments is therefore more positive than other cosmetic surgeries. About 80% of the treated persons state that the treatment had a positive effect on their lives and on their self-image. The patients and other people see positive results immediately. Plus the pain during and after the treatment doesn’t last long. With other aesthetical surgery (like breast or belly) patients have to recover during weeks and feel a lot of pain. Positive reactions from others affirm this feeling. Beautiful teeth are instantly visible.

At Tourmedical we have a long history of changing smiles. Choose together with our experienced dentists and surgeons which solution is best for your unique situation.