Laminate Veneers vs Lumineers

The brand Lumineers claims that their product does not need any preparation at all and can be placed easily on the teeth. Just like false nails. But our dentists at Tourmedical don’t quite agree with this assumption. Every person has different teeth and gum levels. Using the same product without any preparation for everyone is not possible. It can cause several problems at the end, like food caught between the Lumineers, with caries as a result, or the Lumineers get loose. We believe that every person is unique and that the dentist should advice what should be used.

It is true that Lumineers need less preparation and little or no removal of the tooth structure. The preparation is usually very easy and involves almost no pain. But preparation is important for the adhesion between the veneers and the teeth. As far ’ dental veneers. This probably makes Lumineers a better option. On the other hand, some claim that Lumineers are a little more prone to cracking than traditional veneers because of their thinness while there are quite a few experts who say otherwise.

Apart from these differences, it is always best for you to seek expert advice from a cosmetic dentist before you make your final decision as your needs are probably unique. Only a competent dentist can help you decide option is the best for you.