The Perfect Time For Your Treatment

The summer is over, the holiday hectic too. Autumn is here and winter is just around the corner. The time for work, school, responsibilities…. We often forget to take time for ourselves. Get that extra time to take a break or to treat ourselves to get that nice smile we always wanted…. 

But at Tourmedical we see that the best time for dental treatments is between October and April. It’s the perfect period for reflection, taking care of the body and mind. And also the off season for tickets and hotels is a big plus for a (short) holiday.

This is the reason that we offer our patients this great deal:

From 31 October till 31 March we pay for your hotel for 6 nights, a free pick up from the airport and back, and a pick-up service for every treatment from your hotel and back (for treatments equal to or above € 2500).

Many patients from Ireland and UK think that during this off season, that the clinic is not open and that there are no flights to Kusadasi and they can’t book a flight. The truth is that Kusadasi can be reached all year. Sometimes there are no direct flights to Izmir and you need to take a transfer flight in Istanbul. All in all the flight usually takes just one hour longer.

That may seem more of a hassle but the bright side is that the flights are so much cheaper than during the high season which makes it more than worthwhile. Another big plus is that the weather in Kusadasi, especially in the fall and spring, is very pleasant. The average temperature is around 20-22 degrees. Which is to be honest much more agreeable than the quite hot summer! Imagine, during the most rainy and coldest days at home, you take a break to go to a lovely place for a holiday, where it’s at least 10 degrees hotter, and you get your teeth done by professional dentists, for 80% less than you would pay at home, in that short period of time. Taking into account that Tourmedical pays for the hotel makes it even more interesting.

Summing this all up, we can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t book right now….can you?