Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Kusadasi

Basic dental care is often covered by insurance but if there are reconstructive, restorative or cosmetic procedures required, insurance doesn’t cover this and the cost is sky high in their own Country which leads to the patient postponing these treatments until it is really necessary or until there is no alternative left.

But there is an ideal alternative to save money on the dental treatment you always wanted, but couldn’t afford. Where you certainly don’t need to sacrifice quality to save money. Highly competent dentists at Tourmedical in Kusadasi provide excellent services for a fraction of the price in your home country. With a bonus, you can have a fantastic holiday in one of the most attractive holiday resorts in the world, Kusadasi.

The total costs of a (family) holiday plus dental treatment at Tourmedical may even be lower than what you would have paid just for the dental treatment alone in your own country.

You may think thatyou don’t want to ‘spoil’ your holiday with dentists appointments. We don’t agree with this at all. We often treat patients who combine a family holiday with their dental treatment. We look after all the appointments, collect you from your hotel and take you back immediately upon completion and It just takes a fraction of your time out of your holiday. While our dentists are professionally addressing your dental problem, your family can stay at a Kusadasi hotel of your choice, where there are ample leisure programs for each age. After your treatment on that day, you’ll have enough time left to enjoy your holiday.

After a relaxing holiday in Kusadasi you can go back, refreshed, tanned and with new energy. When you combine your holiday with dental treatment at Tourmedical, you create an extra, you go back revitalized & with a new smile….that makes all the difference !