Importance of After Care

To do that is your responsibility. Any treatment done at Tourmedical is done carefully and following strict procedures. The dentists are highly qualified using the latest & most up to date technology. But to maximize the results of your treatment, prevent infection and ease any discomfort, you might experience, you have to follow the aftercare instructions given by your dentist at Tourmedical.

The dentists at Tourmedical in Kusadasi pay attention to the following three things:

1. Using the most up to date techniques and procedures ( groove cut technique, hygiene procedures ...etc...)

2. Using the best products available (zirconium crowns, dental implants, facings etc.) 

3. Using the best materials and instruments available (best brand of fixing material, dental cement, composite, dental units, autoclave ...etc.) 

Applying these three things ensures the quality of the end product. By doing so Tourmedical leaves nothing uncovered during the treatment.

How can it be then that in some cases patients get an infection? Every person is different and that also goes to their dental history. Many patients who come to Tourmedical have an issue with their teeth. Sometimes they have teeth that are not naturally beautiful and need to be corrected. Sometimes because they have been afraid of the dentist all their life and as a result neglected their teeth. And sometimes because they just didn’t take good care of their teeth. Whatever the case may be, the dentists at Tourmedical will strive for the best result. During the treatment they’ll do their best to give the patient the best teeth possible.

After the treatment the dentists explain in detail how to follow up the treatment. The quality of the dental treatment is very important, but the aftercare of the patient is even more important ,because when you go home with your new teeth, the care of them become your responsibility, not the dentists anymore. Old habits die hard, if you were afraid of the dentist and neglected your teeth for that reason, you may do that again or if you had poor dental hygiene before, you may also fall back to where you started.As with every service provided it’s a two way agreement: The dentist provides high quality treatment and You should in turn provide high quality aftercare. It sometimes gets even worse: when the patient with an infection goes to a dentist in their home country, the dentist (some of them)  blames the dentist abroad. It may be the easiest thing for that dentist to do, but certainly not fair. With Tourmedical, there is not one single reason for an infection after the treatment when you’re back at home. Because the dentists work very carefully, and follow the strict procedures as mentioned above and the dentist performs a final control before the patient leaves the clinic. Be honest with yourself first: Did you follow the advice for aftercare? Did you take care of your teeth as instructed? The patients should realize their own responsibility. An infection is rarely or never caused by the dental treatment, but almost always by poor aftercare…